Saturday, August 18, 2012

Library Rules

I needed to get the rules up in the library. It took me forever to decide on rules, but after finding this on Pinterest:

library rules

I just needed to tweak it a bit. I didn't like that it looked like a bunch of jumbled letters. I LOVED the premise though! Sooo..I produced this:

Again, we have NO bulletin boards in the library. I wanted to make this last, so it was going to have to be laminated, and our laminator couldn't laminate one huge project, so we broke it up into sections. Again, big thanks to for the amazing fonts. I love how much character this has and I feel that the students might be a little more drawn to it. I do, however, notice that I was a little sideways with my strips, but overall I love the turn out!


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  1. What font did you use to write the word, friend? Can't find it on daFont.